The Smokin’ Smoking Loon Zin


I’ll make this one short and sweet.

It is about Smoking Loon Old Wine Zinfandel.

It’s no secret that I love Zinfandel.  I’ve written about some of my happy encounters with various incarnations of this wine already.

But many of you love it too.

How do I know?  Several years ago, I featured this particular Zin in a wine tasting for Volunteer Ottawa, where I still volunteer.  While choosing the wines for that tasting, I stumbled upon a bottle of the Smoking Loon Zin 2011 and knew I had to include it.  At the tasting, it was an all-around discovery, and a favourite of most of the more than 70 people who participated.  Some left the wine tasting straight for the local wine store, to buy it right away.  (You know who you are;-)

Over the years, I tasted each of the Smoking Loon Zin vintages.  As typical of a New World wine, it had a consistency of expression.  In particular, it had that bacon-y smokiness that people at the tasting found a funny yet accurate descriptor I used.  The current 2014 vintage does not lead with it though.  So maybe it is time for you to try it or try it again.

Smoking Loon Old Wine Zinfandel 2014 is deep ruby coloured with a purple tinge, opening with aromas of red currents and raisins, combined with spicy notes, and tamed smokiness.  Juicy red fruits like Bing cherries burst on the palette mingling with prunes and nutmeg.  Silky tannins and judicious acidity will make it pair well with a wide range of foods, from red meats to vegetarian dishes, like this vegetarian version of baked beans (originally known as prebranac or tavče na gravče).



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