On a Mission with Mission Hill (Reserve Chardonnay)


It was early December when my entrepreneur brother-in-law sent the following in an email to me:

Hello Sister!

… We have some customers who have hinted that they really like wine for Christmas, so we will likely buy a few mixed cases. I’m wondering if you could give me some suggestions with pairings or other info so it’s all fancy and thoughtful. … 

Yes!! I’d love to do it. How many bottles? Six. What is the budget? — O-Kay! (As you can imagine, a bit higher per bottle than the title of this blog alludes to.) That’d be fun! When do you want it? In two weeks? No problem!

One week passed. And then another. As it always happens in the run up to the year-end holidays, my own work deadlines, volunteering, and well yes, socializing, piled up. And, late one evening it had to be done if the good deserving people in the Toronto, Ontario area were to get their gifts. So, I dug into my memory and notes and produced a list that included some of the tried and true wines that were worthy to be in a “thank you” gift.

This was the result. My brother-in-law even went all out with the marvelous wooden Vintages boxes.


Included in the list was:

Mission Hill Reserve Chardonnay.  A perfect white with turkey and would go well with baked sweet potato with pecans.  Serve chilled.

It was a thrill to find this wine on a bit of a sale at the LCBO Vintages ($19.95 until January 31) and taste it again.

It is a Canadian wine from the British Columbia Okanagan Valley, sourced from three of Mission Hill’s own vineyards. Its beautiful aromas of tropical fruit, peach and floral & nutty notes, continue to play in the mouth. The use of oak in aging was judicious, and on the palate there is a silky mouthfeel balanced with a nice acidity that helps the wine cut through rich sauces. And indeed it goes well with a luscious baked sweet potato with pecan-brown sugar-butter topping.


If you want to try it for yourself, let me know and I can share the recipe.


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