2016 Wine Trends & Downton Abbey Wine


Last week, I was reading about 2016 wine trends. Catching my eye, at the bottom of the list, was a prediction that the “celebrity wine” category wine will grow.

You must have noticed it yourself. There are more and more wines with names you recognize from other walks of life. In Canada, we have wines named after Wayne Gretzky (hockey legend), Mike Weir (golfer), Dan Aykroyd (actor), and even The Tragically Hip (rock band), many of which I tried and liked.

And there it was – a mention of the Downton Abbey wine! What? How come I haven’t heard of it yet? A quick search on the LCBO site gave no results, but a general Google search pointed to the SAQ!

Now, you may know that the SAQ (Société des Alcools du Québec) is the Quebec equivalent of the LCBO in Ontario. You also may know that Ottawa, Ontario where I live, is just across the river from Quebec. The SAQ site announced that this wine was sold out in many locations, but closest to Ottawa it was available in Buckingham, QC! Only a 45-minute car ride. Not something I would do for a bottle of wine on a busy December 30th evening.

But wait! I have friends who make the trek from Ottawa to Buckingham at least once a week, and I happened to know that they were in the Buckingham area at the time.

Long story short, a couple of emails later, a bottle showed up on my doorstep the next afternoon. – Thank you so very much, Jim!

How random. Tonight is the first episode of the last season of Downton Abbey. Yes, I am a fan.

And the wine. Writing this part glass in hand, it is a tasty Bordeaux blend for its price ($15.95). Nice, red-fruit (plum comes to mind) smoky aromas are followed by the replay in the mouth aided with well-integrated tannins which satisfyingly linger on the finish.

Now on to watching the season premiere.


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  1. noliarnyk says:

    I can definitely say that the premiere would have been much more enjoyable if I’d had a glass of this wine in my hand and your company of course Dobrilla.


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